The Works of Thomas Haapapuro

Patterns for other Wood Workers.

Thomas loves to teach others how to create beautiful objects. It is his view that by teaching others how to create art in wood, that the art itself will be pushed forward and upward. The more people challenging what wood work can be and say about our culture, the more relevant and engaging it will become to the entire art world, and hopefully, to humanity. It was for this reason alone that Thomas began writing articles, to challenge other woodworkers to explore new ways to work with wood.

Not all of the patterns he develops end up in the magazines or even in his books. He is constantly developing new patterns, and likes the immediacy of being able to share an exciting new pattern directly with fellow woodworkers. While a price is charged, it is very minor, and comes with detailed instructions. Woodworkers can also email Thomas if they have problems with the patterns, and as such, the patterns can be more refined and concise moving forward.

To view the patterns available, please visit the website